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The updated Smartforms CMS-485 software generates the form on plain paper saving you time and money.
The session information automatically completes a CMS-1500 for the appropriate patient and places the form into a batch for printing or electronic submission. You may also complete a CMS-1500 form on the screen with patient information and provider information always included.
All of yorr claims can be uploaded maually or automatically to a clearing house for payment.

Smartforms powerful ICD-10 compatable CMS 485 Plan of Care software allows easy creation, printing, and saving of the form. After purchase you will receive a download link via email which allows immediate installation, and a physical copy in the mail as backup.


Easy to use

Our simple, tested design

Live support

Live support is provided by our compentent staff to help you with any issues you may have. Custom modifications can be made to our products to help make your proccesing easier.

Updated for the most recent ICD-10 changes.


Print Options

The CMS-485/6/7 software produces the form neatly on plain paper.

Low cost

The cost for the Smartforms CMS-485 Plan of Care software is 129.00, inlcuding hard copy backup and support. To order the link above or Purchase Here.

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